Our First Home

This is officially my first blog since entering adulthood. I feel like a kid who just stepped off a bus in New York with fifty bucks to his name and absolutely no idea what to do next. Broadway, here I come! Except, my plans might not be so grand. I only want to decorate and keep an account of the progress on mi casa.


On October 19th, this little gem became ours! We couldn’t be happier with our purchase. It was an incredible deal on the house, one we didn’t think we would find. We also got the option of picking our own flooring. You see, the house was mid remodel. There was no carpet, just old nasty grody padding. The seller was going to put it uninspiring tan carpet and ceramic tile. I then burst out a deep, slow motion “NNNOOOOoooo!!!!”

We said we’ll take it as is and figure out the rest!

To the left of the front door leads to the guest bedrooms.

Most commonly referred to as “the room without windows” when telling Caleb where something is. It has a tube skylight thingy (I think thats what it actually says on the packaging) that brings in a lot of natural sunlight.

Guest bathroom.

The front guest bedroom.

The accompanying closet to the room above. The closets are a decent size for such a small bedroom.

View from the front door into the living room.

Close up of some beautiful mill work… I wish.

The living room and dining room with Caleb looking his best. We loved how high the ceilings were. It makes it feel so much bigger.

Here is the den which leads to the backyard.

Decent fireplace. SO GLAD they left those curtains, if they hadn’t I might have put a request in our offer to keep them just so I could personally throw them in the trash.

The kitchen… nothing else to say, really.

Master bedroom, it still looks just like this… Totally kidding.

This blurry master bath picture isn’t too far off from what it looks like to me in the morning before I put my contacts in. Minus the lack of decorating. On a side note, EW! Carpet in the bathroom??? Seriously?? At least it gave us an excuse to pick out tile the I wanted. Chances are if it was previously tiled, I would have hated it.

My closet, which already has a pretty swanky makeover.

On to the backyard, we have a nice cover patio.

And a shed/future studio. *LOVE!*

So that’s it!

I am well aware how seemingly mundane my house it. Just Wait. Oh, just wait till every inch of it says Gloria. Lucky for me, Caleb doesn’t care just how much I make it mine. Ultimately it is OUR house, but but it is MINE to decorate. I’m so thankful for a supportive husband. :)


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2 responses to “Our First Home

  1. Saw you on the DIY Showoff! Can’t wait to see all you have done, you AND your house are just adorable!

    • Gloria

      THanks so much Lisa! Roeshel did such an amazing write up, more than I expected! She showed a lot of my work, there isn’t much left here! I need to get busy posting everything else!

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