It’s a jungle in here

I can’t keep my furniture in one place! I just bought a rug for my dining room and while I was moving furniture around, I moved this buffet out from underneath the window. There sure is a heck of a lot going on in this picture, but here is the buffet’s new home.

Looking at this, I really need to edit the accessories in my house. I’m also thinking that buffet would look beautiful in white, but I find myself getting so emotional thinking about. Like, “How COULD you even THINK about painting it?! That wood is just SO pretty and pure and NEVER did anything to you!” Its a gorgeous piece and one of those better left alone. BUTTTTT it sure would feel more airy if it were white.  I just don’t think I have what it take in this case to paint it.



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5 responses to “It’s a jungle in here

  1. Micky Gordon

    Love it!!! Glad to see things do not have to remain stationary, and you are young enough to keep moving things around!

  2. I’d have trouble painting such a beautiful piece too. My husband is a surfer, and he’d love that collage picture! What a great idea :-)

  3. Paint it…you won’t regret it! lol! ask me how I know…hee hee!

    • Gloria

      Talk about inner turmoil! I know I would love it painted white with maybe some colorful accents in there too, its just that the wood grain is so pretty! I just don’t know!

  4. eurekasprings

    Actually I like the contrast of the dark wood with the other white furniture. I think when everything is white-white-white it gets a bit boring :)

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