Gloria in real life.

Meet my bathroom.


From this photo alone, you can’t really tell the level of idleness that this bathroom has experienced. There used to be carpet in here, so we picked out some 18×18 travertine from Home Depot. The guy we had lay the tile told us AFTER he finished the job that he doesn’t put the trim molding back in place. Whaaaa? I “tried” putting it back on, but that was a no go. So a year and a half later it sits trimless. It’s not one of the “fun” projects so it never makes it on any of my To-do lists.

You can see the unfinishedness a little better here.


Those old soda crates just sit on the counter now, but need to be hung on the side of the cabinet. That’s the plan and has been for a couple of months now. My thinking is that I don’t really want to hang them until I paint the cabinets and I don’t want to start on these cabinets until I finish my kitchen cabinets and so on and so forth. Am I the only one that procrastinates like that? Surely not.


Right now, I’m really not in love with the brown.  I keep thinking I want to get another color instead of finishing this, but I’m pretty sure as soon as I paint the cabinets, it will put my mind at ease. I really wish I had the remote from Click to fast forward on my home improvement projects, that would be awesome.


I’m almost positive that the painter’s tape instructions don’t want you to leave this on for over a year. Too late!



There really is no excuse as to why this isn’t done. Sometimes I just lose steam during a project, so what, I’m human. It is definitely going to be finished this summer. I’m going to take the embarrassment of this unfinished bathroom and turn it into motivation to get it done. Once I finish that, I think I might go around the rest of my house and show you what else I haven’t completed to muster up even more motivation to get those things done too.

To sum this all up, here is the current To-Do List:

  • Finish painting walls
  • Install Trim
  • Seal Travertine
  • Install Toilet Paper Holder
  • Artwork/Shelf above toilet
  • Paint Vanity Cabinets
  • Make Shade for stupid vanity lights
  • Frame for mirror
  • Mount soda crates to wall

Those are all the necessary ones, but then there are the “Would Like To Do’s”, you know, the money/time is no issue list that we all carefully curate in our heads:

  • Replace countertop
  • Install tile on outside of bathtub
  • New sink & Hardware
  • Skylight? or chandelier
  • Replace Tub Surround Tile

Most of those things will be essspensive and possible not worth the upgrade on this starter home. Just depends how long we will be here. I’ve always told Caleb that I could live in this house forever and never be done updating it. Sometimes I swear my head could explode with ideas, but I’m pretty sure that would put a halt on implimenting said ideas. Oh well, here’s hoping I will finish my bathroom soon!


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2 responses to “Gloria in real life.

  1. Love the honesty! It’s so refreshing to see this happens to everyone. :)

    • Gloria

      My house if far from perfect and rarely completely clean. I definitely want to make it a point to show both sides rather than just the “perfect” side. Glad you like!

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