My Christmas Goodies

I have to be completely honest, it was really good to be Gloria this Christmas minus the crazy sickness and washer flooding. I guess you could say any bad things that happened were totally cancelled out by the good things, and by good, I mean TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME.

I got the usual new clothes, shoes and accessories. My husband picked out this purse for me. I love it! Plus I can’t stop talking about how good it looks in my house. Especially in my bedroom because of a certain project I’ve started that have yet to share. I seriously get abnormally excited about things that “match” my house. Like when we got Elway, the chocolate lab, it looked like he was MEANT to live in our house. I think his fur is the exact same color as my kitchen walls. When we got Durant (moment of silence since we never found him…) was a a total surprise and I wasn’t a happy camper. I was a little mad and one of the first things I said to him was that he didn’t match the house. How superficial of me! I loved that little dog though once I got over how much he looked like a snake as a puppy with that short shiny hair and giraffe neck. Oh I miss him. Look how far I’ve digressed. I love the purse.

Now for the mother of all presents… My in-laws, YES I said IN-LAWS got me a new 15″ Macbook Pro. How lucky am I! I love my husband’s family! Well, they’re actually my family too and I love em!!!! I was SOOOO shocked. In my family we have a tendency to reuse boxes from other items to make wrapping easier. One year, my mom put a broken hammer in a old box for Five Fingers shoes for Caleb to unwrap, it was meant to be a gag gift, but the problem was that he REALLY wanted those shoes and got so excited at first only to be massively disappointed. He’s a little leery to open any presents at my parents now, with good reason.  So when I was opening my present and saw the Apple box, I kept asking, did you just use the box for wrapping??? But they didn’t! It was for real! I’ve already bought quite a few goodies for it to.

I had been saving up this past year to buy a macbook. All the money I’ve earned on the side was designated solely for me. I have a really hard time spending large amounts of money on things for me so I’ve been making invitations, selling furniture, paintings and random odd jobs to feel less guilty about it. Since I got what I had been saving up for, I now had money for all the other things I’ve been wanting but thought would be way far down the road. Sooooo, I went a little crazy on the shopping spree.

First up, I bought a Wacom Bamboo Create Pen Tablet. I haven’t had much of a chance to use it. I end up doodling for five minutes then get bored. I am a huge doodler though. As a graphic designer sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t illustrate the same as I can on pen and paper. This should help bridge the gap and I can’t wait to use it on a set of invitations in the future!

I also snatched up Abobe CS 5.5 Design Standard Programs. It includes Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I could not live without all three of these. My lifeline.

I’m pretty excited about this one. It’s a Miter Saw that, ironically, I bought a couple days before the flooded washing machine and was going to finish up the trim in our house that never got finished. I won’t need it for that since it’s all getting replaced. I do have a bathroom that desperately needs it so I’ll keep you updated on that and hopefully I knock it out soon.

SKWEEEEEEEE!!!!! I’M STILL EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE! I got a Canon EOS Rebel T2i. I opted for the body only. In high school I had a Canon Rebel K2, it’s  a film SLR and I had a 28-80mm lens so instead of adding a kit lens, I could just use the mediocre lens I already had and look at decking out the camera with goodies in the future.

I also opted for a Canon EF 50 mm Lens. I had read a quite a few reviews about it being a good lens to have in one’s arsenal and since I didn’t have enough money left  to spend $600 on  a lens I picked this one. When the package came I ripped into it, threw on the lens and… it wasn’t love at first. The love didn’t kick in for about a minute, but I do absolutely LOVE this now! I’ve been going a little/a lot cray cray with snapping pics of Elway. He’s been particularly hard to photograph because he is so dark and so twitchy until NOW!

It was really dark in my room when I took this last picture and Caleb was laying on the bed freaking out saying, “you don’t need a flash for that!!” NO! You don’t! Understand why I wanted this camera so bad? He totally gets it :) and I feel like SUCH a spoiled brat now, but I worked really hard for it. Oh and don’ t forget that my kitchen just flooded. So don’t be getting too jealous.


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9 responses to “My Christmas Goodies

  1. Ooh can I be a little jealous? Such great gifts! And I totally know what you mean about getting excited when things match. I get a little thrill when I realize my outfit matches my toothbrush. Seriously…haha

  2. Those pictures of your lab are so pretty! I love Canon cameras!

    Oh, and congrats on the MAC! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas. :)

  3. Awww, look at that face!!!

    It WAS good to be Gloria this Christmas! Enjoy your lovely gifts!!!

  4. I wanted a Bamboo tablet! Such a sweet little gadget! Dude, you completely scored in the gift depot! Is your laptop pink & orange?!?!?!? LOVE!!

    • Gloria

      I’m so excited about the tablet, I just need a job to use it on! I bought a yellow hard case for my laptop and pink keyboard cover. It’s so girly, and so me!

  5. this is like the best collection of gifts!!!
    i’m excited for you and your camera especially. i remember getting my dslr for xmas and being stocked. you’ll love playing with it!

  6. Girl, I think we are sisters from different mothers. When I got my chocolate lab, Justice, I said to him, “Hello. I love you. You match the floors!!!” Also? Canon Rebel? 50mm lens? Both purchases I’ve made within the last two years. AWESOMENESS. And last, but not least, I’m still weirded out that we have those matching tea towels. Although I only have one, not a pair. Boo.

  7. Lo

    Nice haul on the gifts!! You deserve them, and the pics of your lab are adorable. And I’ve been meaning to say this for a while, I’m sorry about Durant. I hope your doing ok : )

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