New Door Handles… Be Still My Heart

This is by far one of my favorite updates I’ve done in a long time. I’ve been wanting to replace all of the brass egg knobs on all of my doors, but with so many doors and knobs not being that cheap when you add it all up, it simply wasn’t a priority. See how ugly and dirty and scratched up and neglected this poor french door is? How sad.
house 014

This past weekend I was walking through Hobby Lobby, looking for something completely unrelated, and stopped dead in my tracks to inspect these beauty. This was love at first site. You may not think it exists, but I swear on my life it does. These were on clearance for $5.68 each down from $20, I’ll take four, thankyouverymuch!

house 026

Oh thank heavens, there wasn’t a giant hole drilled though! Make my life much easier! Just took some wood filler, and a sanding to get it all fixed up. Of course I cleaned the door and all of the stupid, tiny, cornucopia of window panes then slapped on some fresh bright white paint. I didn’t realize how yellow the old trim door and trim color was. You’ll just have to take my word on it since I can’t find that picture.

house 015

You saw earlier that they were brass which was fine and dandy, but not exactly what I wanted. That door is really close to my built in desk which has all silvery hardware. I’m down with mixing and matching, just wanted something different.I bought some Rub n’ Buff in Silver leaf (in the below photo, top right). I’ve read enough blogs to know it was awesome, but never had a reason to get some of my own. I just happened to spot some down an aisle and  there it was, in the flesh, begging me to take it home. So I did, and let me tell you, they should rename this product. Forget Rub ‘n Buff just call it Magic. How can one tiiiny little drop do that! I was all like, “CALEB!!!! COME QUICK!!!”  Wow, gee cool, Gloria. I thought it was awesome. It kept it all antiquey but I really like the switch up.  If you have never used Rub ‘n Buff, I URGE you to FIND a reason to buy it, seriously awesome. Imminently life changing.

house 016 017
I’m so happy with the way it looks, and that I actually cleaned this door for the second time ever. Panes are a pain.

house 018

Now to clean the rest of my house! Oh and I guess I hadn’t mentioned it already after getting so caught up in all of the love and magic, this is the first of many makeovers for this room. I’m turning this into my crafting/studio room. It’s not that I don’t love my original studio, it’s that the space didn’t function very well for me unless I was sewing. I’ll be getting an awesomely huge crafting table as soon as I can find a truck to bring it to my house then bringing in other furniture and what not. So for this pending makeover, what better way than to start at the door. Voila! Cross this off the list!
house 021

Any one else out there get way too worked up over simple changes like me?


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24 responses to “New Door Handles… Be Still My Heart

  1. Micky

    Love them! What a difference new handles make. Love the “magic!”

  2. Very nice! It’s amazing how much of a difference those little things can make!

  3. Tyrene Hickman

    The door knobs are unique…The transformation is amazing! Rub and Buff is amazing! It also works beautifully on frames. So yep… here is another Rub and Buff fanatic! :)
    Your excitement Gloria is contagious and it’s so nice to see someone get so excited about “little things” which can be huge!

    • Gloria

      I’m glad I don’t have to be embarrassed about getting so excited about doorknobs! Maybe I’ll make a picture the background on my phone.

  4. Whoooooa HOW MUCH I love those doorknobs! I would have stopped and commented on them and fawned over them if I saw them in real life like that. Gorgeous!!

  5. Yep… love the new handles!
    And…isn’t it nice to have a little thing like door handles to get you going…
    happens to me alot. I live in a very huge old house…as in at least build in 1925. Now…it is not a fancy old house…not even a fireplace 8~(. But…it says to me that it would like to be a Victorian house…so…little by little it is getting there. 8~)
    Take care,

    • Gloria

      Big fan of simple projects! How fun to be updating a big, old house! That is my dream someday, to give love to a house in need.

  6. When I hung a little curtain in my kitchen window, I was so excited I kept sneaking back in the kitchen to steal a peek at it. The doors look great!

    ~Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One

    • Gloria

      I am so guilty of doing that with almost EVERY project . I just finished a lamp I’ll share soon and liked it so much I switched it out on my nightstand just so it would be one of the first things I wake up to.

  7. Gloria,

    We’re so excited you liked using AMACO’s Rub ‘n Buff. The handles are gorgeous! I may have to try this myself.

    I’d like to share this on our Facebook page at Amaco Crafts.

  8. WOAH! SUper inexpensive & look at the difference! Those are gorgeous!! Good work, Gloria!

    • Gloria

      Thanks! What I can’t believe is that at full price, it would have cost $80 for all the handles, but I mean it’s Hobby Lobby which always has a sale so possibly only $40 which is still DOUBLE what I paid.

  9. those look awesome! very impressed!

  10. Drool! Love the look and feel of glass door knobs!

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  12. Wow, what a transformation! I’m super jealous about this Hobby Lobby I keep hearing of in the blogging world. We don’t have one on Long Island!!!

    By the way, first time visitor. Love your blog…I’ll be back for sure!

    • Gloria

      I think I take it for granted sometimes that I’m within walking distance of Hobby Lobby. You know, you can purchase online from them, but in this case, its one of the stores its better to BE in.

  13. BRAVO! Your handles are gorgeous – I love Hobby Lobby and also I use Rub N Buff all the time and yes it is magic. Your doors have taken on an entire new look! WELL DONE YOU! :-)

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