Shiny Wedding Shower Invitations

Last Christmas, I totally bought into the Silhouette SD hype. If you read blogs during December 2010, you too most likely saw that they were being hawked and given away like pennies on the pavement. Everywhere. I knew I had to have one, and since I wasn’t winning ANY of the giveaways, I figured it would have to be my Christmas present to myself. I bought it on Overstock for less than $150 and I’ve used it three time now. The most recent use is the most exciting….


I’m working on some invitations, ya’ll! It just so happens that I like making invitations slightly more than I like watching the X-Files. That’s not sarcasm, ask Caleb or check my Netflix instant queue.  You can check out my previous batch of shower invitations here, mind you they were professionally iphone photographed my me, hence the excellent image quality.


This is just the start of the invitations. I created a custom shape for a diamond ring and cut it out on shiny poster board using the Silhouette. It was one of those inpiration struck moments that I better take advantage of it before it goes missing. When I finally looked at my phone, it was nine and  Caleb was texting and calling me, wondering if I was okay or the rapture happened or something. I was in the zone, chief.


20 down, 30 more to go (I ran out of paper). I also made a water color design in photoshop and printed it out for the envelope liner on vellum. See?!?!?………


Envelope liner! The little diamond rings will have  a little circle indicating where she is registered. I could have just typed it out on the main invitation, but seriously, what’s the fun in that! I don’t have the actual invitation finished. I did all of this with just materials I had on hand, so I still have to go paper shopping and get some more shiny poster board, hopefully they still have it. Fingers crossed. Oh, did I mention I have like a week to get fifty invitations out? Yikes. Gotta hurry.

I’m thinking about offering my services for custom invitations, but I’m having trouble getting past the doubt. Hmm.. we’ll see.


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5 responses to “Shiny Wedding Shower Invitations

  1. those are amazing!!!!!!! I would kill to have silhouette… and your genius brain! :)

    • Gloria

      Thanks Ashley! I have to say, sometimes the inside of my brain feels like trying to play ping pong inside a money blowing machine. So don’t get too jealous.

  2. Oh my gosh, Gloria those are awesome! I am obsessed with both the cutout and the envelope liner. Get past the doubt girl. You totally have talent and there are many people like myself that would love your invitation services :)

  3. Josie

    I really love this idea! Creativity is not my specialty but thank God for people like you that share these great ideas!

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